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Irresistibly Sexy

The First Ian Somerhalder LJ Community

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1. You must love Ian Somerhalder.
2. Posts must be about Ian Somerhalder, not about you, that's what your journal is for, unless it involves you bumping into Ian at the local supermarket or something of that odd sort, then it can be about you!
3. We love pictures! Post new, never before seen pictures of Ian whenever you find them! Well, any would do, but make sure you use the LJ-CUT just to cut down the spamming!
4. When you join, be sure to introduce yourself to us, we'd like to know more about our community members. Though, you could just lurk and feast yourself on our picture posts, but it would be nice to have an introduction.
5. I've seen many communities that seem to have themselves talking about themselves, rather than the community's subject in general. Don't talk about your day, don't talk about how your dog bit your toe of because you didn't feed him, don't talk about your new nipple piercing. If it isn't about Ian or the community, don't post it!

The image above is from YM Magazine, 2002. Found on Ian Then Some.

All images are © Their respective owners.